Introducing The Helle 2024 Limited Edition Audun

February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024
Helle 2024 Limited Edition Audun

Introducing the 2024 Helle Limited Edition Knife, designed by Helle's chief handlemaker, Audun. Starting in 1973, Audun first worked on the cutlery before taking over the roles as chief handlemaker and foreman. For the past 50 years, Audon has collaborated across three generations of Helles and played an integral part in many of their designs.

Chief Handlemaker Audun

“This has been a good job my whole life. After I came home to my wife and kids when they were younger, there would always be a few wood shavings from my clothes on the bathroom floor. Then my wife said to the kids: It is the wood shavings we live from.”

This year Audun has crafted his own favourite knife, based on over 50 years of knowledge and skills. The finished product is a stunning knife that incorporates both the new and old of Helle. It features a classic H3LS laminate steel blade with scandi grind and a subtle drop point, making it the perfect all-purpose companion for hiking adventures.

Helle Audun Handle

The handle features two of Audun’s favourite materials. The front piece, crafted from ethically sourced reindeer antlers, is protected by a stainless steel plate. This front piece is effortlessly integrated into a coloured curly birch handle, dyed using Audon’s proprietary oil recipe. The resulting dark red and brown hues offer a striking contrast against the pristine white of the reindeer antler. It has the added bonus of smelling like you have just started a campfire. Drawing inspiration from both classical and contemporary designs, the handle’s shape pays homage to Helle’s signature belly, while the elongated pommel nods to more recent innovations.

Helle Audun Sheath Design

Completing the ensemble is Audun’s own version of his favourite Helle Sheath. As a handlemaker, he loves the enduring beauty of birch and the symbol on the front of the sheath is a birch tree in the springtime.

Specifications - LE Audun:
Weight: 134 g. / 4.72 oz.
Blade material: H3LS
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Blade length: 88 mm
Blade construction: Stick tang
Handle material: Curly birch and reindeer antlers
Handle length: 120 mm
Sheath material: Genuine leather (brown)

Quote by Audun

“I have worked with knives at Helle for over 50 years. If I am not happy with a knife’s line, you can just put the knife away. The line of the knife is the key to a quality knife design. That, and of course the grip must feel right when holding it”. And with those words, Audun sums up Helle’s philosophy the last 90 years: to make knives that are both functional and beautiful at the same time.

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