Helle Knives.

Handcrafted in Norway, Helle Fabriker produces top quality outdoor sport knives for the hunter, fisherman, camper and outdoorsman.

The production of a Helle Knife can take up to 45 manual steps. There are no shortcuts to producing a knife, the Helle way. Helle's philosophy to deliver the very best quality without compromise continues as the third generation owners, Svein-Erik and Jan Steffen Helle, take the lead at the 87 year old factory in Holmedal, Norway.

Built to Last

The measure of a good Helle knife includes functionality, durability and beauty.


Focus on maintaining traditional methods and traditional materials while being open to new ideas.


Nature is right outside the factory door-step always teaching, never compromising.

About the Product

Helle stores all wood for a minimum of one year in cold storage to allow the wood to dry slowly. Only when the wood has reached a specific humidity, they cut it in pieces for the next step in the drying process.
The triple laminated steel blades test 58-59 on the Rockwell scale, with the outer layer at 18/8 stainless steel specially developed by Helle and a Norwegian steel mill. Some models feature Sandvik steel and High Carbon blades.
All leather products are designed and made in-house at Helle, using high quality leather from selected partners. The making of a sheath is made with the same care as the making of our knives through the multi step processes by our craftsmen.


The collection of Classic Helle represents the history and traditions of Norwegian knifemaking where both beauty and functionality go hand in hand. Hand crafted using traditional methods and highly appreciated, this collection contains the tools to be used for the daily adventures. All knives in this collection are Stick Tang constructions.

Semi & Full Tang

The Helle Full Tang series combine the traditional Scandinavian materials and designs with the robustness for more demanding work. Using traditional techniques and shapes to create beautiful modern tools for self-reliance. Tools that can stand the challenges on the bigger adventures.

Fishing & Folding

Fishing has always been important in the lifestyle surrounding Helle. The Helle fishing collection offer thin and practical blades with extraordinary sharpness and a mix of staff pics from our classic collection. All in all, the perfect tools to bring on any fishing expedition.

The Helle collection of folding knives are robust packages of Scandinavian tradition. We have created our folding knives to join any adventure from a short hike in the forest to any expedition or journey. Built to fit in your pocket or on the belt sheath for the everyday adventure.

Top Sellers

Helle GT
Featuring American-style design, the 123 mm triple layered stainless blade and aluminum/leather finger guard makes for a hefty look yet surprisingly light weight. MSRP: $241.7
Helle Eggen
Eggen means 'the edge' ; also commonly used as a word meaning the ridges of a mountain. A very versatile knife which features a wide blade and pronounced finger guard. MSRP: $170.50
Helle Harding
Triple laminated stainless with drop point, perfectly suited to skinning or carving. The curly birch/walnut/leather handle sits well and feels great in small and medium hands. MSRP: $220.25
Helle Viking
A historically inspired knife as a recreation of a Viking Age belt knife. Features the black finish heat treatment on the sides of the blade for a rustic look. MSRP: $170.50
"Helle Knives are second to none when it comes to steel quality and craftsmanship. Our customers absolutely love them."
- Kody, Backcountry | Fort St John, BC