Are you ready to do business with Young & MacKenzie?

We FOCUS on Independently owned stores and businesses.

We OFFER free shipping coast-to-coast on domestic orders over $2500.

We SUPPORT our retailers through...

  • Year Round Stock on All our Top Selling Items
  • No Top Up Order Minimums for Small Business
  • Upholding Retail Pricing
  • Partnering with Businesses Who Share Our Core Values
  • Very Low Warranty/Defective Rates
  • 24 hr Response Time
  • B2B Platform for 24/7 convenience
  • Building Long Term Growth and Success
  • Average 24-48 Hour Order Turnaround
  • Social Media Support
  • Online PK Clinics with Staff Incentives
  • Staff Buy Progams

Customer Service

We believe that a satisfied customer is at the heart of every successful business, and providing you with products that you and your customers can count on is at the heart of ours.

Quality Outdoor Brands

We are here to bring you the very best brands to your customer who work and play outdoors.

Our Passion

Our staff has a passion for the outdoors, and conduct extensive product testing in the field. This hands on expertise means you get the product knowledge, personal attention, and support you need to help you deliver quality products and service.
"The Young & Mackenzie B2B platform, while not as flashy as some out there, makes up for that with ease and speed of use. The ability to quickly see stock and the speed at which you can create an order was so smooth that I would recommend it to anyone. Very impressed with the quality of the site."
- Dan, VPO | Red Deer, Alberta