Himmelberger Zeughammerwerk Leonhard Müller & Söhne GmbH has been a family business for more than 300 years. Since 1675, forestry tools of the highest quality have been manufactured and forged by hand in numerous, complex work steps. The craftsmanship and the art of axe forging has been passed down to the 13th generation of the Mueller family of blacksmiths.

Traditional as well as modern knowledge and skills form the know-how with which high-quality tools have been forged by master craftsmen for hundreds of years. By combining innovation and tradition, Mueller tools guarantee easy and, above all, safe work.

Hand-Forged in Austria

Traditional handcrafted tools are still created in their family-run forge workshop.

Modernized Traditions

Mueller combines the advantages of traditional manufacturing processes with the technical achievements of the last decades.


From long service life of quality tools to careful use of natural resources, sustainability is ingrained in all business practices.

About the Product

Mueller generates energy for production needs through their own environmentally friendly hydroelectric power station.
Only tool steel and wood that is produced in Austria and comes from the ore and forests in the mountains surrounding their headquarters is used to manufacture Mueller tools.
All leather products are made from the best, sustainably produced leather by the local shoemaker right near their production site.


The Mueller Hatchets and Camp Axes are designed for a variety of camp tasks including cutting, carving, and chopping.

All their hand-forged heads come with a lifetime guarantee.

The Ash handles are all sourced locally or within Europe.


Mueller makes high quality tools that are designed specifially for splitting wood.

The hand-forged heads come with a lifetime guarantee.


The Mueller product range includes accessories such as Log Tongs and Brush Hooks to help clear out unwanted logs and shrubs. These high quality tools can be used in forestry, horticulture or in your own backyard.

Top Sellers

16 inch Hatchet
Designed for a variety of one-handed cutting, carving and chopping chores. A 1.5lb hand-forged head with a 16” ash handle. MSRP: $155.00
19 inch Hatchet
Designed for a variety of one or two handed cutting, carving and chopping chores. A 1.5lb hand-forged head with a 19” ash handle. MSRP: $156.00
24 Camp Axe
Designed as a compact, all-around two handed cutting, chopping, limbing and splitting axe. A 2lb hand-forged head with a 24” ash handle. MSRP: $160.00
30 inch Splitting Axe
Short, stout axe head designed specifically for splitting wood and chopping duties. A 4lb hand-forged head with a 30” ash handle. MSRP: $183.00
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