Knife & Axe.

A sharp blade on a well maintained tool is vital in the outdoors, We’ve curated a collection of companion sharpeners and care products of the very best quality.

We source quality manufacturers using the best raw materials from close to home. Our sharpeners are made in USA and our care products are made in small batch quantities right here in Canada.

Living in harmony with nature ensures a healthy landscape for generations to come. We only use eco-friendly, non toxic, petroleum free, plant based ingredients for all our care products.


A sharp blade on a well maintained tool is vital in the outdoors.


Made in Canada using premium all natural ingredients.


Eco-friendly, non toxic, petroleum free, plant based ingredients for all care products.

About the Product

Knife & Axe Handle Wax is a specially formulated mix of all natural plant based oils and beeswax that can be easily applied to wooden handles to provide waterproofing and moisture protection.
Knife & Axe Blade Oil protects steel blades from corrosion with a unique fine mist top for clean and easy application. Petroleum free ingredients are perfect for tools coming in contact with food.

Knife & Axe Sheath Cream is designed to moisturize and protect leather, while giving a deep lustre and shine.
Knife & Axe dual coarse sharpening stones are perfect for repairing minor nicks and dull edges out in the field. Can be used wet (oil or water) or dry.

Care Products

Handcrafted in small batches with only the finest plant-based oils. All our care products are petroleum free, non-toxic, and bio-degradable. Made in Canada.

Sharpening Tools

Sharpening tools to keep axes and knives functioning at their best.

Made in the United States.

Top Sellers

Knife & Axe Blade Oil
Bottled in small batches, this premium light penetrating blade oil is made with only the finest plant-based oils. Designed to protect against rust and corrosion. MSRP: $19.00
Knife & Axe Handle Wax
This premium handle treatment is designed to penetrated and protect your wood handles with a unique blend of plant-based oils and 100% Canadian beeswax. MSRP: $23.00
Knife & Axe Puck
3” Diameter double sided 51/22 micron ANSI 240 / 400 grit. The coarse side removes file scratches and minor blade chips, while the finer ceramic blend side refines edge sharpness. MSRP: $45.00
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