The family business of Ivanhoe was founded in 1946 in Gällstad, a district known as Sweden’s own knitting centre, where the traditions and pioneering spirit of fine garment making still live on. Ivanhoe manufacturers clothes for active people and several generations of experience and competence enable them to continuously develop both base and functional garments.

The company was founded by Martin Gothäger in 1946, and has since the 80’s been run by his three sons. Today, the third generation - Anders, Anna and Karin - are the ones taking the business forward, with pride and high hopes for the future.

Family Traditions

The third generation continues the traditions and pioneering spirit of fine-garment making.

Sustainable Materials

Ivanhoe uses merino wool, Blue Sign certified yarn, mulesing-free wool, and natural colours without the use of dyes, chemicals or water.

Sustainable Fashion

The life span of the garment is as important as choosing the right fiber. Collections focus on timeless design.

About the Product

Wool is not only environmentally friendly, it is also nature’s very own high functional material. Ivanhoe incorporates new blends and modern knitting techniques to create classic and hardwearing clothes.
The demand for “brand new” is replaced by a longing for timeless design, which is why Ivanhoe’s collection contains styles with a classic touch that will give many years of enjoyable use.
90% of all knitting takes place in their own production facility in Gällstad. Having production in Sweden and Europe gives them quality control, flexibility and shorter lead times.

Active Outdoor

The outdoor collection is made from highly functional material provided by nature and engineered with precision.

With a male and female specific collection, the garments fit a wide range of body types.

Underwool Base Layers

All Merino wool used in the Underwool line is 100% mulesing free. They are perfect for either very cold days that demand extra warmth or warmer winter days where you only need a thin wool layer under your jacket.

Urban Outdoor

The GY Collection is where function meets fashion. It has an urban outdoor focus that uses wind resistant heavy weight materials and boiled wool qualities.

100% Natural

The New Level of Sustainability collection is a totally natural, undyed wool quality. This product is a result of a complex selection process of the naturally available shades which are mixed to create a range of natural colours without the use of dyes, chemicals or water. This authentic product line is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.


Ivanhoe accessories give that extra touch to their sweaters, jackets and coats. You will find an extensive mix, some with typical Scandinavian design and some solid coloured classics.


The Retro Collection is made up of Ivanhoe’s most popular styles from the ski era in the 1980’s. Emphasis is on old school styles with retro colour blocking.

Top Sellers

Wool Sock
A thin wool sock, with extra strengthening in the heel and toe. MSRP: $21.50
Underwool Long Sleeve
This long sleeve top has a classic and timeless design that for sure will make it a favourite. MSRP: $161.75
Sire Crewneck
Classic crewneck style with a folklore inspired pattern. Knitted in 100% wool and will for sure be a long time favourite. MSRP: $244.25
Petal Crew
Classic crew neck style knitted in 100% pure undyed wool. A timeless classic that will you give you many years of enjoyable use. MSRP: $258.75
Bim Short Skirt WB
Windbreaker skirt knitted in 100% wool, and equipped with a high functional lining. MSRP: $266.00
Bode Half Zip
Sporty half zip style knitted in 100% Merino wool. 3D-knit along arms in fresh colour combinations. MSRP: $273.00
Morel Hoodie
Hooded style in a 3D-Knit with TENCEL closest to body and 100% wool facing out. Air pockets created in knitting are both functional and give a unique style. MSRP: $319.75
Rybo Coat
A great fitting premium coat with side pockets. Made with unique 100% boiled wool in a structured 3-thread knitting. MSRP: $539.00
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