Talking Points And Tips To Introduce The Ivanhoe Brand To Your Customers

October 21, 2023
Last Updated: October 21, 2023

Talking Points to Help Introduce the Ivanhoe Brand to Your Customers

Ivanhoe Family
  1. FAMILY: It is a third-generation family business that was founded in 1946 in Sweden and still carries on their traditions and pioneering spirit of fine-garment making.

  2. SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Throughout their collections, they use mulesing-free merino wool, bluesign certified yarn, 100% natural wool garments created without the use of dyes, chemicals and water, and lining made of recycled PET-bottles.

  3. FUNCTIONAL + FASHION FORWARD: While offering multiple weights within base layers to hoodies and jackets, the collections focus on timeless designs and a variety of knitting patterns along with features such as zipped pockets and hoods.

In-Store Tips and Tricks

  1. Have a mannequin wearing all the layers, showing how they work together, and make them accessible to people to touch and feel.

  2. Place a few items of different weights on a counter/table for customers to touch and feel the difference.

  3. Those that wear Ivanhoe make the best ambassadors. Offer your staff a discount and ask them to wear them and test them out. Encourage them to wear them to work; a huge selling point to customers is hearing from those who use and love the products themselves.

Benefits of Merino Wool

  1. Insulation and Breathability: Wool naturally provides exceptional insulation properties by trapping air within its fibers, even in wet conditions. Wool’s inherent breathability allows moisture vapour to escape, preventing overheating and keeping you dry and comfortable while you move.

  2. Odour Resistance: Wool has natural antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria, keeping your garments fresh and odour-free for longer periods. This feature is particularly beneficial for extended outdoor trips where washing facilities may be limited.

  3. Durability: With proper care, these garments can retain their shape, structure and performance for year. Wool is machine washable and wrinkle resistant. Reinforced seams and quality trims are used in all Ivanhoe garments further enhancing the durability and functionality of their products.
  4. It is important to note that customers need to understand that socks and base layers MUST be worn directly against the skin to achieve maximum thermal and moisture wicking effect.

    Understanding the Different Collections from Ivanhoe

    Active Outdoor: The outdoor collection is made from highly functional material provided by nature and engineered with precision. With a male and female specific collection, the garments fit a wide range of body types.

    Ivanhoe Active Outdoor

    Underwool Base Layers: All merino wool used in the Underwool line is 100% mulesing free. They are perfect for either very cold days that demand extra warmth or warmer winter days where you only need a thin wool layer under your jacket.

    Ivanhoe Baselayers

    Urban Outdoor: The GY Collection is where function meets fashion. It has an urban outdoor focus that uses wind resistance heavy weight materials and boiled wool qualities.

    Ivanhoe Urban Outdoor

    100% Natural: The New Level of Sustainability (NLS) Collection is a totally natural, undyed wool quality. Their production process is 100% natural. Zero dyes used. Zero chemicals used. Zero auxiliaries used. Zero micro plastics.

    Ivanhoe New Level of Sustainability

    Ivanhoe also has a great selection of accessories that include toques, gaters and socks.

    Ivanhoe Accessories

    How to Care for Ivanhoe Wool Products.

    Wool products do not need frequent washing. They simply need to hung up outdoors or indoors with good ventilation to keep fresh. When washing, customers should use the wool setting on their washing machine (a reduced spin speed and less that 30C) or hand wash the products. The dryer should NOT be used. Laying flat to dry on a towel then stretching the item to desired shape is recommended.

    We hope these talking points and tips help you to introduce the Ivanhoe brand to your customers.

    Have a great selling season!

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