Knife & Axe’s 4 Easy Tips For Customers To Take Care Of Their Tools

September 7, 2022
Last Updated: September 28, 2022

Knife & Axe curates sharpeners and care products of quality and performance by only using eco-friendly, non toxic, petroleum free, plant based ingredients for all their premium care products.

Teaching tool maintenance is vital for any outdoor journey. Next time you’re discussing with customers about how they should care for their tools before their next outdoor expedition, share these four tips:

1. Tool Prep

Advise customers that it is important that tools are clean and prepped before use. Suggest using a lint-free cloth to remove all dirt and moisture from all aspects of the tool.

2. Blade Care and Sharpening

Not only does a cared for blade last longer, but it is also a necessity for ensuring the needed performance when in the outdoors.

Knife and Axe Sharpener

Use the Knife & Axe Sharpener or Stone for easy sharpening, refining, and honing of axe and knife edges. Repair minor blade damage and refine the edge sharpness.

Knife and Axe Blade Oil

Protect the blade of your tool with the Knife & Axe Blade Oil. Apply the mist to all steel surfaces to guard against rust and corrosion. Once dry, place the tool back into the case, sleeve or protective shell.

3. Wooden Handle Care

Knife and Axe Wood Oil

The Knife & Axe Wood Oil provides a protective, water-resistant finish on wooden knife handles, axe handles or other wooden tools.

Knife and Axe Handle Wax

Apply the Knife & Axe Handle Wax to seal out any moisture. Buff to a smooth finish for improved grip.

4. Leather Care

Knife and Axe Sheath Cream

Finally, the leather case for a customer’s tool is just as important to keep clean as the tool itself. Suggest the Knife & Axe Sheath Cream as it locks in moisture, gives shine, and provides long lasting durability.

Knife & Axe source quality manufacturers using the best raw materials from Canada and the USA. After all, a sharp blade on a well maintained tool is vital in the outdoors.